Life is a daring adventure or nothing.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
– Helen Keller

There’s been a little confusion. No, Annie Holloway isn’t Annie Hunter, although they are soul sisters. Yes, we’ve broken chains, twisted derailleurs, flatted tires, run out of food, got rained out, slept in a park, chased deer, bathed in 40 degree water (briefly), climbed numerous passes, and met the most marvelous people along the way. There’s something intriguing about a group of cyclists that invites conversation.

For those of you following the adventure, here’s a 1000 mile recap, episode by episode.

Google maps keeps exploding when I try to embed the map, so here is a screen shot of the route. And here’s the link to see it on mapping. It’s pretty close to what we did, although Annie’s odometer reads daily mileages longer than what Google says. Seriously.

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Day 1: 69 miles. We leave Jason’s and ride to Mark’s cabin:

Day 2: We’re in pain. Our butts hurt. We rationalize that Mark has a very special cabin on the Chinook River and we should stay and enjoy the magical environment. So we stay.

Day 3: 95 miles. 30 up, 65 down, with a tailwind. We ride over Chinook Pass to Yakima.

Day 4: Hobbit contacts Carl. We ride to Carl’s house. Erich crashes.

Day 5: to Palouse Falls. Remote. The road goes on forever through agricultural fields of grains and berries.

Day 6: We run out of food. We ride to Starbuck and find the entire town closed. Everything closed. We nap in the town park. We push on to Pomeroy in the rain.

Day 7: We cross the border into Idaho. Climb endlessly to Waha. Encounter Tanner and Natalie.

Day 8: Waha Lake over Tanner Pass (We call it that. I don’t know what it’s called.) Huckleberry milkshakes. Long downhill into Kamiah. Motel.

Day 9: Kamiah, ID up Lolo Pass to Wilderness Gateway Campground

Day 10: Wilderness Gateway to Lochsa Lodge

Day 11: Lochsa to Missoula to Ben’s house. Woohoo.

Day 12: Check in at Adventure Cycling. Choose southern route to Bozeman. Camp in Bitteroot National Forest below Skalkalo Pass

Day 13: Over Skalkalo Pass to Georgetown Lake.

Day 14: Mutiny. Over Continental divide. Georgetown Lake to Lewis & Clark State Park

Day 15: Lewis & Clark to Larry’s house, via Bozeman

Day 16: Larry’s house to BBar Ranch, Paradise Valley, MT

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