I’m sorry, who are y’all again?

In the wee hours of an otherwise forgotten day in 2015, Hobbit called me.

Hunter, let’s do it again.
Do what again?
Ride across country.
But we never actually rode across country. We started in Colorado and went east.
You know what I mean.
You mean ride across country.
Yeah, and we’re taking our kids.
Huh? Right. Let’s keep talking.

We hung up, but the thought nagged at me.

One blinking sunny day, months later, out for a ride somewhere in rural Maine I mentioned it to The Erich. He said he needed to think about it.

The crew is
Hobbit (ageless, eternal)
Annie (17)
Charlie (16)
The Erich: (at least 96)
Owen: (15)
What: (17)